Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Oceanfront Wedding

So, I successfully coordinated my first wedding yesterday!! Things could not have gone better. After staying up practically all night going through the plans in my head, it went off without a hitch. The mother of the bride did a fantastic job in planning the decorations, and the whole place looked beautiful! They were also able to decorate on a budget, which I really respect. They purchased a plain white 3-tiered cake, and added the hand-placed flowers and monogram on their own. It looked great! (And smelled even better!)
Their centerpieces included these water crystals that expand in distilled water. We then put water-safe lights in the goblets with the crystals to make them light up. I don't think the pictures taken on my cell phone really do them justice.

Her ceremony was on our front lawn overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful view and they had PERFECT weather. About an hour before the ceremony someone was standing out on the beach directly in front of the ceremony site playing the bagpipes - loudly. Although he was pretty good, the sound was not going to mesh so well with Cannon in D. Just a couple of minutes before I was going to nicely confront him to please move his performance elsewhere on the beach, he packed up and left. Thank goodness!

As I said earlier, my first wedding could not have gone any better. Before I left for the night, both the bride and the groom had asked me to come see them, which I did. I could tell they were genuinely happy, and they thanked me for everything and each gave me a big hug. That is what makes this job all worth it.

After yesterday and last night, I am ready to relax today!

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