Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forgive the typos...

...I'm typing with a cut finger! Thats what I get for trying to cook dinner with dull knives. So I apologize in advance if my typing is off.

Today reminded me of how much I've changed over the past 4 years. Let me begin by saying that today has not been the most stellar day I've ever had in my life. Not that it was absolutely terrible, but a few things have just not gone right. (Slicing my finger is just one example of such things.) But I am reminded of how I probably would have handled today four years ago.

Four years ago I moved halfway across the country to go to college in a new state where I knew absolutely no one. [Sounds kind of familiar to my move last May to a new city where I know no one...] I remember getting to my dorm and feeling like I was at summer camp for at least the first few months of college. For the first couple of years, I did have difficulties adjusting to my new life and making new friends; I also had a very hard time dealing with stress. A day like today would have immobilized me four years ago. Over the years, I learned how to handle my stress on my own as well as with the help of my friends, my amazing boyfriend, my loving parents and sister, and many other great mentors along the way. The growth that I experienced made me able to recover from the bad things in life and move along to the next good thing.

Days like today I wish I still had a roommate. I've had some great roommates in the past, and it's always nice to at least see a friendly face coming home from a bad day. Shoutouts to all of my wonderful roomies in the past!

Cheers to a better day tomorrow!

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