Thursday, November 4, 2010

Every Minute Counts

I was reminded today about how every minute really matters. It is interesting to think about how small decisions can cause a chain reaction of events in your life. In fact, the very time I arrived to, let's say, a meeting, could determine who I happened to meet and could shape the experiences to come. If I were to have waited just one more minute, the situation could have been completely different, and I could have missed out on what I hope will be some great opportunities in the future. This is just one small instance, but I think this is really true overall. You never know when such small decisions can have such a big impact on your life. I think about some of the odd circumstances when I have met the most important people in my life, and everything goes back to a small decision that seemed so insignificant at the time, but now seems to have risen in importance. Deciding to go to a meeting where I knew no one. Going to a recruitment event for a sorority. Loaning a pen to the girl sitting next to me. Talking to the guest speaker after class. Arriving early to a community service event. Meeting with a professor during office hours. Going out with a bunch of people I've never met. All of these things have led to great things in my life, and all of them involve doing something. Note to self: don't forget to do something small - it could become something amazing!

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